Decorative wall shelves: 20 ideas for all rooms

This collection of decorative wall shelves are a great idea to decorate an empty wall or to divide and define spaces. on them you can place books and other small items. ...
They can be an important and decisive part in the style of decoration, some other fine are thick, can be of various colors and various materials.
There are many types of decorative wall shelves . in modern design , classic, rustic or very original ways. They can be simple item for a minimalist decoration.

creative decorative wall shelves ideas and designs

decorative wall shelves for living room in minimalism style
In today's article I provide you with photo selection of some decorative wall shelves that you make them yourself at home , we hope that this collection will inspire you and you will like one of these pictures, in this case share this post to help your friends.

stand alone decorative shelves with creative design
decorative wall shelves for decorating the dining area

decorative wall shelves with creative design above living room sofa
decorative shelves designed for living room corner
decorative wall shelves with streamlined design
decorative wall shelves in modern interior

circular decorative shelves for room zoning
decorative wall shelves in modern kitchen design

7 Wall painting techniques and ideas for modern home

If the desire to always remain 'in trend' for you sounds good, today's topic dedicated to wall painting techniques with geometric patterns, is very urgent. So, we will explain what the patterns are now experiencing the peak of its popularity, as well as where and how much they should be used in the interior.

Saturation of colors, which you will use in these wall painting techniques and ideas, is crucial. So, bright colors combined with graphic forms on the surface of the walls is better to use caution, for example, highlighting with them one of the areas of the room (dining room, sitting room, a game in the nursery, a washroom in the bathroom).
Geometric patterns are always very independent and do not accept competition from other subjects and objects. For example, the walls painted a spectacular picture "zigzag" in the hallway, will be enough to supplement accurate banquettes and a mirror in the compact frame.
Than paler and less attached to the walls geometric pattern, the more walls you can decorate them.

Wall painting techniques and patterns 

zigzag wall painting techniques or bedroom walls

15 Bedroom design ideas in red color combinations

For Red lovers, we compiled toy you a collection of photos for bedroom design ideas, all these ideas are in red color shades and color combinations

First, it is worth mentioning that the red color in the bedroom design is not for everyone. Often these red bedroom design ideas are suitable for energetic, active and very ordinary people. This is due to the fact that the red color has a strong stimulating effect, relaxing in the bedroom will not work. But this disadvantage is offset by the fact that it stimulates the red displays of affection and seduction :) 
using red color in the bedroom design should be extremely cautious, not necessarily immediately repaint all the bedroom walls, for starters, try to add a few elements: bedding, lampshade, pillow , vase for colors. If your experiment is successful, it is possible to go further and apply it to a more significant piece of furniture and decor.

If you are not so radical in order to plunge into the color of passion, try using a few other related colors, such as pink or muted shades of burgundy in the bedroom design ideas.

Red bedroom design ideas and color combinations

Before applying these bedroom design ideas, do not forget that the red color in the bedroom suppresses the other colors and also makes room seem smaller than it actually is. That is why the painting of the walls in red is more suitable for bedroom designs with high ceilings and large areas.

bedroom design ideas - Red bed and lampshades

8 small living room decorating ideas with small budget

Do you have a small living room? No problem. Take advantage of these decorating tips to inspire you to design the space you want to live, however small. You do not need large space or to decorate the living if you know the secrets of organization and decoration of a small rooms .

small living room decorating ideas for inspiration

small living room decorating ideas in minimalism style
small living room decorating ideas without budget

25 Modern POP false ceiling designs for living room

somehow or another, we all seek to beautify our home, and the living room that is one of the main rooms we give more attention to decorate it, display it and enjoy with family and friends.
one of the many ideas for creating an impact living room is installing POP false ceiling designs with integrated lighting systems, it is considered a decorative alternative specially or who have a living room with high ceiling

false ceiling designs made of POP are a great aesthetic solution to the living room interior, that make an atmosphere with elegance and exclusivity, there is a variety of materials, colors, shapes, patterns and lighting systems for false ceiling designs , and some of the are with stunning 3D effects

you can install false ceiling designs in a variety of materials: POP, gypsum board, wood, fiber and aluminium. the choice depends on the style of the living room interior and the budget allocated

POP false ceiling designs are often installed in various areas of the living room, it's usually installed in the middle or toward an area of the wall creating a great focal point.
in the ceiling of the central area, designers include integrated lighting or some color shades on the panels, and also include various decorative ceiling tray with creative shapes

POP false ceiling designs for living room: photo gallery

POP false ceiling designs with purple lighting system

Plasterboard suspended ceiling systems for the kitchen

Kitchen - a room with its own characteristics. when choosing material for kitchen ceiling, it is necessary to take into account all the features of this room. This article will tell readers about the use of plasterboard in the kitchen ceiling. Can anyone mount plasterboard suspended ceiling systems in the kitchen? It's not as difficult as it may seem.

Plasterboard suspended ceiling advantages and disadvantages

simple kitchen suspended ceiling systems with suspended chandeliers

6 Creative dressing table designs for small bedrooms

If you have a small room that doesn't mean that you haven't wide range of choices, today we bring to you a collection of white Dressing table designs and ideas that suit the small bedrooms as they take a small place in the room and also give the room a touch of elegance and modernity.

White dressing table designs and ideas

white dressing table design with folding mirror for small bedroom

Living room wall art Ideas: 20 Posters and paintings

The posters of the living room wall art often depict famous people - singers, musicians, actors and centerfold, at least - broadcasters, athletes, politicians, etc. However, the posters may show anything from the popular people, beautiful scenery and photos of animals, ending with jewelry, labels, personal photos, and even advertising slogans.

Living room wall art - Posters in the color of pillows

10 Unique false ceiling designs made of gypsum board

Modern construction technologies and a variety of finishing materials allow you to create unique false ceiling designs. The article reveals the pros of finishing the gypsum board false ceiling and gives a description of some designs of the gypsum board ceiling.
Today, practical and comfortable gypsum board mandatory material for the repair and decoration of the ceiling. With this building material you can create unusual and original false ceiling designs, which can stress the uniqueness of the interior of any room.
New technology used for finishing the ceiling , and materials are constantly updated. One of them is the gypsum board. At the moment, there are many designs of gypsum board false ceiling designs. Experts Crafted several major advantages of using this building material:
The speed of work
Noise-and heat insulation
Cheap price and availability of the material
Easy to operate
Using gypsum board in the false ceiling allows a perfect hide of all surface irregularities under it convenient to hide the electrical wiring. Specialists can offer you several design options to choose from.

Modern false ceiling designs - gypsum board catalog

modern false ceiling design of gypsum board with creative lighting system

30 dressing table ideas : mirrors, boxes and lighting

in this article we talking about the dressing table and showing a collection of dressing table ideas that suit all tastes, we also give some tips fr the dressing table boxes, dressing table mirrors and dressing table lighting

dressing table ideas : characteristics

dressing table ideas, dressing table mirrors
  Men, I'm sorry, but today's article will be a series of "between us girls" :) It will focus on a very important element, which is for girls / women at any age is simply irreplaceable. I'm talking about the dressing table ideas. This personal part, divine place where kept our secret weapon, allowing turn into beautiful goddess) Here we spend a lot of time taking care of your face, Brushing her hair, preening, so it is very important that this piece of furniture (dressing table ideas) was not only a beautiful interior ornament, but also for us is comfortable and functional place for beauty. 
built-in dressing table ideas
  More often than dressing table not be put the bedroom,but  If it is included -it's excellent i won't dwell on the fact that the furniture in the bedroom must be from the same collection . but take a look to this dressing table  collection if it really fully fit. You can find a single option that is different from bedroom furniture, most importantly, that all looked together harmoniously and does not conflict with each other. 
dressing table ideas

dressing table ideas for small bedroom

dressing table ideas

dressing table ideas for small bedroom designs

dressing table ideas for small bedrooms

creative dressing table ideas

small dressing table ideas

dressing table boxes

As for me, without dressing table boxes you can not do any thing. This I judge by myself. Although I do not use a lot of makeup, I never have enough space for all these things. So if you are familiar with this problem - it is better to look at the collection of ideas for dressing table boxes, then at the table there is a place for flower vases, and photo frames, in general for any decor. It's better not to sacrifice on convenience.

dressing table boxes

dressing table boxes, dressing table ideas

dressing table boxes ideas

dressing table boxes

dressing table boxes, creative dressing table ideas

dressing table mirrors

 the natural desire of every woman consider to see themselves on all sides. Therefore, this point should be emphasized. First, if you have no room in full-length mirrors, better look at the dressing table without mirror, purchase dressing table mirrors separately and attach it to the wall. Secondly, if you are of the opinion that it is impossible to sleep in front of the mirror, you can choose  folding dressing table mirrors.

dressing table mirrors
dressing table mirrors

dressing table mirrors, dressing table ideas

dressing table mirrors, dressing table ideas

creative dressing table mirrors, dressing table ideas

dressing table mirrors, ideas
dressing table mirrors
dressing table mirrors, dressing table ideas

dressing table lighting

Do not forget that next to the table must be either a lamp or two on both sides- the dressing table lighting- . In low light is difficult to undertake your beauty. And it would be nice to make a  dressing table lighting source next to hair dryer
dressing table lighting, dressing table ideas

dressing table lighting

dressing table lighting

dressing table lighting dressing table ideas

dressing table lighting, dressing table ideas