8 small living room decorating ideas with small budget

Do you have a small living room? No problem. Take advantage of these decorating tips to inspire you to design the space you want to live, however small. You do not need large space or to decorate the living if you know the secrets of organization and decoration of a small rooms .

small living room decorating ideas for inspiration

small living room decorating ideas in minimalism style
small living room decorating ideas without budget

how to choose the ideal Futon sofa bed for your home

The futon sofa bed can be a very useful piece of furniture, especially if you have guests and you have a guest room to accommodate them. Alternatively, if you live in a very small space such as a studio apartment, you may want something that can be used as a sofa during the day and then as a bed for the night.

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Futon sofa beds: designs and tips for the choice

As there is usually a substantial difference in the price of futon sofa beds, we created this guide so you can choose exactly the right futon for you.

black-gray metal futon sofa bed for small living room

For which Purpose?

Think about exactly what you need the futon sofa bed. If it is only for occasional use at night when you have guests, and usually will remain in an upright position, then probably you will be served by a cheap futon.
If, however, you'll use it regularly as a sofa and as a bed, it will be much more profitable to spend a little more money and buy something that lasts longer. Preferably choose one that has an extensive warranty, so if it is broken you will be covered.

leather futon sofa bed for office

Comfort of futon sofa beds

If you use the futon sofa bed on a regular basis, you have to make sure it's comfortable enough for the purpose. Do not forget to wear crush fill down, so it will become less comfortable and can become unbearable after a while. Comfort is definitely something you should try before you buy.

brown-beige futon sofa bed design
If it's just for occasional guests, but probably not as necessary to try ... even though your guests might not want to return if they feel too uncomfortable!

Futon sofa bed with metal structure

Futon sofa bed Materials

You need the futon sofa mattress material is resistant. choose it smooth to make the touch great, but if it wears quickly, you might want to choose something a little harder. If you are in constant use, you'll probably need to clean it frequently, so you'll need to make sure that is not easily discolored.

metal futon sofa bed for modern interior
turquoise futon sofa beds with stainless steel structure
Please note that pets can scratch it and get caught in the fabric, so that the material can not be as strong as a sofa.

In which Size ?

Most Western futon sofa beds are at least the equivalent of a small double bed. However, that is not always very comfortable for a couple, so if you know you will share your futon, or you'll have guests who come on business, you have to think of something bigger.
Of course, you also need to consider the size of the space you're going to put it; in this case, a smaller size may be more convenient. And do not forget to make sure you have space in the room to open the futon!

living room futon sofa beds with stainless steel structure

Futon sofa bed Budget

Many people choose futon sofa beds because they want to add the cost of a new sofa plus a bed. However, futon sofas are not always the cheapest option. If you're on a budget, you have to do careful research to ensure you get the quality and comfort necessary within your budget.

creative design of futon sofa beds
It makes little sense to buy something cheap, to find it breaks after only a year and have to buy another. Neither you think of a futon sofa as a minor piece of your furniture; otherwise, you could take a disappointment if you do not choose carefully.
If you consider these issues carefully before buying, choosing the ideal futon sofa bed will be very easy.

how to choose the perfect dining room furniture sets

Modern dining room furniture - tips for how to choose

While many households do not have a formal dining room, because the owner chose to use the space to make a living room more flexible, available not only for food but also for other purposes, others have room used specifically for it.
No matter what space you have available, we give you the best tips for you to choose the perfect dining room furniture sets.

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modern dining room furniture sets

Style Functionality

The first decision you must make while choosing the dining room furniture is if you want to play a role or practice style. Is it more important that you choose the pieces look good, or that fit the lifestyle needs of your family?

high-tech dining room furniture sets with glass table
The dining room furniture you choose will depend largely on the overall style of your house or apartment, even if you have a separate dining room or part of the room.

dining room furniture sets in modern style

Separate dining room furniture 

If you have a house with a separate dining room , most likely this room is not used every day. It is also likely that this is not a new and affordable housing, but a luxury home or apartment.

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Therefore, it would be a good idea to spoil the effect of an elegant atmosphere with cheap dining room furniture. Think about hardwood furniture and fine fabrics or upholstery leather for a traditional home, or glass and steel for a modern and chic apartment.
Incorporate genuine antiques will work well in both areas, and if you can not afford a recognized contemporary furniture designer, consider buying dining room furniture sets in the future will become a family heirloom. They are not just furniture, but it is an investment.

dining room furniture with geometric table made of wood and glass
modern dining room furniture with colorful chairs

Integral Dining room

At the other end of the scale is the integrated dining area , ideal for a young busy family, with open plan lounge and dining space for the the dining table that may have to endure three or even four meals each day, and provide an area for homework, craft projects, family games and home office.
This table will be the center of family life, so it is not the place for modern furniture sets or expensive antique furniture. Choose something easy to care for, unadorned luxury that only serve to clean dust.
The dark wood highlights not only dust but every little scratch, so if you choose wooden furniture, opt for a lighter color. Light rustic furniture are cheap and cheerful, as well as surprisingly elegant and almost indestructible.

Dining room furniture materials

Of course, wood is not the only option. Another option of robust dining furniture material is chromium, or table with metal frame and lid ceramic and vinyl upholstered chairs. The glass tables are suitable for a couple with no children, but are not recommended for a family.

small dining room furniture sets made of wood

Items to Consider before buying dining room table and chairs 

Before making a final decision of buying the dining room furniture, there are other details that you should consider, for example:
How many times chairs will be dragged for sitting, scraping the floor area dining? By answering this you will know what kind of chair legs are better (metal, wood, plastic) and if you must put a rug to protect floors.

modern upholstered dining room furniture with floral chairs

Do members of your family are particularly tall or short? The dining sets come in a variety of heights, so you probably want to opt for something in between that makes everyone feel comfortable, even the guests.
How many people sit daily at the table? If you only occasionally have guests, consider buying an adjustable dining room table that can be extended when needed, and save yourself extra space.
luxury dining room table and chairs
classic dining room furniture sets

Finally, never buy a dining room table or other furniture without verifying or measuring all dimensions and make sure it will pass through all necessary doors into the dining room.

creative bedroom paint color ideas

today's article focuses on the bedroom paint colors, we present to you some paint color ideas for your bedroom designing and updating and photo collection for these bedroom paint color ideas.
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update your bedroom with paint colors ideas

Maybe this year you want to change something in your house? Why not update the bedroom? After all, you see its walls when you go to sleep and wake up. you need to start the day in a good mood, so choose the wall paint color that will please you. Today we provide you with four variants of bedroom paint color ideas . you must choose your preferred color shade. don't worry to choose any color from modern to classic, it's your one bedroom, you will breathe new life and energy into your bedroom. Soothing but inspiring.

bedroom paint colors, blue bedroom walls
bedroom paint colors, blue bedroom walls

15 small bedroom furniture ideas and designs

15 small bedroom furniture designs and ideas

Beautiful spacious bedrooms, which can accommodate not only the big bed, but the built-in dressing table , boudoir, workplace, sofa and chairs - a dream of every housewife. But if the planning of your apartment or house produces a small bedroom - it does not matter too. Design small bedroom isn't a difficult work, but it is possible for everyone. in small bedroom it is necessary to combine two tasks simultaneously - to accommodate all the necessary things and furniture, but visually expand the space. we offer specific techniques to choose and place the small bedroom furniture to visually enlarge the room.

small bedroom furniture designs - wall units around the bed

Modern TV units: 20 designs and choosing tips

modern TV wall units designs for any living room

Despite the fact that we spend a lot of free time on the computer, television continues to be mandatory appliances for every home. so we have to think about the TV units or stands, usually we refer to it as a cabinet. Even if it is flat and hanged on the wall, because it is necessary somewhere to put DVD, game console, media center, magazines, remote controls, etc.

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modern TV units were  completely hanged on wall

30 trendy staircase designs for homes in modern style

modern staircase designs and ideas for modern homes

With the advent of trendy maisonettes staircase designs ceased to be a subject of relevance only to the private home. And if your interior is far from strict classical canons - the staircase designs in a modern style is the best choice. On this subject, we have an excellent selection of today - 30 photos of stairs models

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spirals staircase designs with wooden kits for small homes

25 bedroom designs in Japanese style : lighting, colors and furniture

Japanese Bedroom designs, lighting, colors and accessories

the Japanese always have their own way in any process, they also have their prefect way for bedroom designing, so we combined to you a collection of bedroom designs in a japanese style and provide you with notes about bedroom furniture and bedroom accessories and bedroom lighting in Japanese style
Japanese bedroom design ideas

25 original false ceiling designs with integrated lighting systems

original designs and solutions for false ceilings with integrated lighting systems for inspiration from AVKUBE company 

false ceiling designs for all rooms with integrated lighting systems

More recently, in an interview with an expert we talked about the plasterboard false ceiling designs. The most popular of them - radial shape and along the perimeter walls. But the design idea is an unpredictable thing, because there are many ideas that you do not even expect.

gypsum false ceiling designs for living room with hidden lighting systems
In this gallery we have compiled a selection of non-standard false ceiling designs and solutions from design company AVKUBE. Their work often attract the attention of magazines of the interior, and from time to time, we include a draft of this company in our digests and virtual tours.

Meet the 25 non-standard solutions for the ceiling with built-in lighting systems . It is not only plasterboard solutions, but also a lot of other materials. In addition to drywall, used wood, frosted glass and stained glass. Some of the photos show the same element in the 2-3 angles, depending on in which part of the room was the photographer.

gypsum false ceiling designs for dining room with colorful lighting systems
We shared this gallery into several parts: false ceiling designs for hallway, dining room, living room, combined open space, as well as - for the bedroom and bathroom. At the end of the post there is a selection of design projects ceilings for different rooms, as well as - other galleries of the ceilings and lighting.

False ceiling design ideas and lights for living room, hallway and dining room

false ceiling designs of gypsum for dining room
a beautiful false ceiling design made of gypsum board in two parts, for visually separating the living room square and the dining table area, the two parts have built-in lighting systems that is considered a main element in the modern interior.

gypsum false ceiling design with built in lighting systems for dining room
false ceiling designs with integrated lighting systems
one false ceiling design covers combined living room and dining area with built-in lighting system 

creative ceiling lights for dining room
gypsum false ceiling designs with wooden paint decorations for large living room
false ceiling designs with built-in lighting systems
round false ceiling designs of gypsum for hallway with integrated lighting system
plasterboard false ceiling designs for dining table area
living room false ceiling designs made of gypsum and wood ceiling panels
kitchen ceiling designs made of gypsum and wood panels
hallway false ceiling designs with built-in lighting systems

false ceiling designs for bedroom - 20 ideas

ceiling is one of the bedroom interior highlights, today we give you some advice and recommendations for choosing and or designing your bedroom ceiling design, we combined to you a collection of false ceiling designs for bedroom for inspiration.
gypsum false ceiling designs for bedroom with ceiling lights
gypsum false ceiling designs for bedroom with ceiling lights