20 bedroom designs with wood wall (expert tips)

Wood all panels for bedroom

The bedroom should be a calming and inviting - and what creates a relaxed ambiance better than the warm wood color? Whether rustic look with recycled ash, or rather a tasteful wall paneling oak panels - now you have many options to choose from. And who says that wood wall paneling looks old-fashioned, or much does it cost, is actually wrong. Just the opposite - often this is a cost-effective alternative to expensive stone slabs. We offer as inspiration for the establishment of their own bedroom 26 stylish bedroom designs with wood walls.

artistic wood wall panels in minimalist bedroom

20 Master bedroom designs and ideas in neutral colors

As a neutral color refers to any combination of white, black and gray. While Brown does not belong necessarily to be include, this color often to the neutral color palette. Neutral color palettes do not appear on the color wheel and often serve as a backdrop for vibrant colors such as purple, blue and green. If neutral colors dominate in the bedroom, then there is a bedroom design that promotes peaceful sleep. Check out our inspirational master bedroom designs of Decor Zone and see for yourself!

creative master bedroom ideas

creative master bedroom designs - decorative shelves and lighting

25 functional bedroom wall decor ideas and options

Bedroom wall decor nowadays is always important. The individual preferences and inspirations you want to find on the wall in the coolest area of relaxation in our bedroom. Some love bold colors, while others prefer monochrome walls and abstract art where the contours of the door almost disappear. A few great bedroom wall decor ideas and the color scheme in the sleeping area you will find in this article.

Wallpaper as bedroom wall decor

unusual bedroom wall decor ideas - creative wallpaper designs

One-bedroom studio apartment design with open interior

What can be done in a standard studio apartment when you are cut into their fantasies. Tatiana Pichugin was able to create from a small studio apartment, spacious and bright studio apartment design. 

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Studio apartment design ideas in modern style

small studio apartment design - bedroom with bed headboard

Pink kids bedroom ideas with bathroom

Kids bedroom in any case should be special. Here every detail matters, which will emphasize comfort, create mood and delight your kids. Particular attention should be paid to the kids bedroom furniture, such as done in this room. Quite a small corner table, a lot of multicolored fabrics, comfortable sofa, plenty of shelves and a private bathroom. every little girl dreams about this room. 

Kids bedroom ideas and furniture designs in pink

pink kids bedroom ideas and furniture designs

Well organized kitchen interior design in modern style

Well, when the kitchen is located in a large room. There is a quite different flight of fancy. You can make an island for cooking, squeeze the maximum amount of equipment and do some work areas that the kitchen can serve several people. 

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In this embodiment of the kitchen interior design you should pay attention to the color combination. Although the kitchen with red - a difficult option, in this case, the hosts managed to connect the red and white in the correct proportions to get really stylish kitchen interior design. 

Kitchen interior design with good organization 

kitchen interior design, light brown cabinets

Modern apartment design in purple shades

Purple was very popular in 2012-2013. Then the designers tried to create space with all shades of purple. It is believed that this color should be soothing and relaxing, but it all depends on the tone. If purple is tender, then surely your apartment design will be a good place for relaxation after work. But if it is more saturated color, such as in this apartment, the main thing here is not to overdo it, otherwise your apartment interior will put pressure on you. 

Purple apartment design with modern interior

Modern apartment design: purple colors of the interior

20 Blue bedroom ideas and designs for inspiration

Blue - one of the few colors that are selected for the bedroom designs. Basically it makes the room more traditional, such as red with white, black with red or simply from various light colors. Rarely resorted to blue, but in fact this color symbolizes the dream and ideal. blue bedroom designs have a feeling of lightness and calm. so, we combined a collection of blue bedroom ideas to carry out in your bedroom.

blue bedroom ideas - beige bed and white blue wallpaper

Top catalog of Wallpaper designs in Art Nouveau interior

Modern pretty fashionable and sought-after design direction in the present world and the wallpaper designs in Art Nouveau style in the interior look charming and thus can be decorated with different styles. In the examples, you can get acquainted with the paintings, which depict a plurality of trunks of mighty trees. Also here you will find the beautiful spring wallpaper patterns with blossoming buds and songbirds, as opposed to those of natural motifs among the options presented there are frequent geometric patterns with lines, squares and other shapes. Modern style versatile, so among the photos you will meet with African motifs wool zebra, over which the image is applied modern femme lady. I hope that these wallpaper designs inspire you and meet your needs.

Wallpaper designs and patterns for Art Nouveau style

Modern wallpaper designs and patterns for light interior

Comfortable kitchen interior design in light colors

Light kitchen interior design - a good solution for those who have a small apartment. Light colors visually create a sense of ease, comfort and lightness. In this case, the bright kitchen interior design is selected for harmony with the dark flooring, appliances and furniture. 

Kitchen design with light interior colors

kitchen interior design - pale yellow kitchen cabinets


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