contemporary living room furniture sets, designs and ideas

15 contemporary living room furniture and designs 

Living room traditionally considered the central room in the house, but because it is withdrawn for usually the most spacious room. Since this room is designed for both families and for entertaining, especially living room furniture implies a balanced combination of style, beauty and comfort.

contemporary living room furniture - turquoise sofa and white chairs

small bedroom ideas, designs and decorating tips

Small bedroom ideas , how to decorate your bedroom 

residents of small apartments usually suffer from a lack of their separate bedroom with a soft bed and a wide cabinet. Thus they end up sleeping on the sofa bed which is too expensive , constantly need to be added and cause a huge mess at home when it is bed time . 
in this topic you will find few ideas on how to arrange your small bedroom without giving away your soft bed and your cabinet side to side with making your room more comfortable , beautiful and tidy . 

small bedroom ideas with a desk

black and white kitchen decor : 20 ideas and designs

20 Black and white kitchen designs and ideas

Many factories produce a collection of black and white kitchen designs. you can make a contrast set. What color will prevail in it, black or white? Look for examples in our photo galleries

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ideas for black and white kitchens

15 white sofa designs and ideas for living rooms

modern ideas and designs for white sofas for your living room

In today's article on Decor zone I combined for you a photo collection of white sofa designs in modern style to inspire you when you are going to furnish your living room.

living room white sofa design

white modern living room design with bright colors

modern living room design : neutral background with bright colors

Neutral background with vivid details - a favorite formula of many artists on the interior. But each of them has its own secrets and techniques. Marina Kutuzov created expressive living room interior design, using just a couple of bright colors.

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white modern living room design with bright colors

white living room furniture sets : 17 ideas and designs

15 ideas and designs for white living room furniture in pictures

White living room furniture is the current trend. white furnished room looks festive, elegant and fresh. However, pieces of furniture still need to be picked up and intelligently arranged in the living room. We have prepared for you pictures of interior with white living room furniture sets, each of which is allocated a bright personality and style.

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white living room sofas and coffee table

15 bedroom designs and ideas in high-tech style

high-tech bedroom designs and ideas for small rooms

today in decor zone we combined a photo collection of bedroom designs in high tech style with some useful ideas and tips for the owners of small apartments.
high-tech  style represents a triumph of modern technology. This style is widely used to decorate corporate institutions - banks, business offices - and not evoke the so-called "home comfort". Nevertheless, designers have adapted to high-tech interior of the home, adding to the functionality and expressive conciseness style with high degree of comfort.

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high-tech bedroom designs - white furniture with wooden touch

Red kitchen cabinets: 15 ideas and designs

Red kitchen cabinets: ideas and designs

If you love red and want to use it in the interior of your apartment, the most suitable place to use it is the kitchen. Today in Decor zone we provide you with ideas and designs of red kitchen cabinets, we also talk about what the advantages of this color and how to apply it in the design of small rooms.
red kitchen cabinets in combination with natural wood color

kitchen wall decor : 15 ideas and options

15 kitchen wall decor ideas, designs and options

Today in the I suggest a few kitchen wall decor ideas that will be useful to those who do not know how to decorate the small kitchen. owners of small apartments are trying to make a good use of every square centimeter in the kitchen and often ignore the wall decor, or install shelves for decorative ornaments.

Instead of boring shelves on the walls you can hang pictures and original gizmos that make the kitchen more comfortable and give the interior personality.
Usually, small kitchen has not so many free walls, suitable for decorative compositions. Besides, there's no need to hang something big for attracting everyone's attention. Our goal is to add a little comfort, and therefore an ideal location for the wall decorations, it's the area beside the dining table.

kitchen wall decor : photos of kitchen objects

Modern bedroom furniture sets - 20 ideas and designs

20 modern bedroom furniture sets, ideas and designs

Modern style in the interior has easily recognizable characteristics: clear lines, contrasting colors, no decorative frills. Comfortable, fashionable, colorful and catchy - so bedrooms were furnished with modern furniture look very unique. If you are going to design or renew your bedroom interior, these designs of modern bedroom furniture sets will help you in this purpose.

modern bedroom furniture ideas : modern bed with built-in nightstands