false ceiling designs for bedroom - 20 ideas

ceiling is one of the bedroom interior highlights, today we give you some advice and recommendations for choosing and or designing your bedroom ceiling design, we combined to you a collection of false ceiling designs for bedroom for inspiration.
gypsum false ceiling designs for bedroom with ceiling lights
gypsum false ceiling designs for bedroom with ceiling lights

30 small bedroom storage ideas

because we look for to meet your needs in your interior design, today we present to you one of the most useful articles , we provide you with a great collection of small bedroom storage ideas, different ideas for storing all kinds of things, these storage ideas help you to keep your bedroom clean and comfortable despite the large number of things that you stored it in the room.
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 we launched a large-scale series under the title "The organization of space", it includes 12 galleries and more than 300 pictures with ideas for rational and creative keeping things in different rooms of the house. thanks to this series we made a special page "all about the order in the house" . Now it has more than 30 galleries on this topic, even those involving the storage of things that you do not suspect. Now we are ready to share with you a complete set of creative small bedroom storage ideas.
small bedroom storage ideas, bed headboard with shelves
small bedroom storage ideas, bed headboard with shelves

8 functional kitchen window ideas

today we talking about your kitchen arrangement and decoration, especially the window and the space under the window, we provide you with some kitchen window ideas for decorating and arranging things under it
when making the interior of the kitchen, we are constantly thinking about how to maximize the use of free and often a small space. Try to use literally every corner, but somehow ignore extensive enough space near the window. At best, put flowers on the windowsill. While the obvious is the fact that the placement of work surfaces directly below and above the window even make the kitchen a more harmonious and functional.

some of kitchen window ideas 

Kitchen under the window - a fashionable and popular trend that is actively exploited by Western designers. However, in our country don't receive this distrust. It's time to change the tradition imposed on us since childhood, and to join the European culture of design!
kitchen window ideas, kitchen countertop under the window
kitchen window ideas, kitchen countertop under the window

10 bathroom towel storage ideas for small bathrooms

we continue writing in the category of the home storage ideas in this site, today we are talking about storing things in the bathroom, specially the bathroom towels storage ideas and solutions, and we provide you with examples for these ideas
bathroom towel - absolutely indispensable element, so when planning a bathroom, be sure to provide it with the possibility of a functional and compact storage of towels. As a rule, the bathroom need to hang one or two towels common areas, basic towels for the bathroom and store spare towels. Our present paper is devoted to the bathroom towel storage ideas

functional bathroom towel storage ideas

Consider several functional bathroom towel storage ideas, and that will fit into small bathroom:
Shelves or containers , which are installed under the sink. If you prefer indoor storage - bathroom towel can be placed on shelves under the sink in conventional plastic containers with lids. Non-standard solution is to drape curtains that cover the bottom of the shell and hide bathroom accessories, including towels. bathroom towel storage under the sink - the perfect solution for convenience. Since towels are "at hand" and you can always get a fresh towel for a few seconds.
bathroom towel storage, bathroom shelves under the sink
bathroom towel storage, bathroom shelves under the sink

20 little girl's bedroom decorating ideas

Are you looking for ideas for  decorating a girl's room ? We wondered what kind of decorative style is more beautiful to show in Decor Zone . While opinions are varied, we conclude that there are some customs when decorating rooms that are not lost. Pink is one of the inevitable things as you will see in these samples of decoration for girls bedrooms .

what color to choose to paint a girl's room?

The  ideas for girls room decorating are several, however, some ideas are repeated. Some people prefer to decorate the rooms with typical infant girls themes: princesses and fairies. Such ideas are certainly deeply rooted among us and it is the first item we think if we decorate girls rooms . However, there are several options and alternatives.
As I mentioned before, there are some colors that are usually preferred when painting girl's room walls. The classic pink is one of the most used options, but we see a color looming with increasingly popular : the violet.
Also, there are those who break the pink and opt for a combination of red and white. The vibrant red is undoubtedly a way to brighten up the rooms . On the other hand white always go well with other colors, besides being a way to increase the brightness of the rooms. In these cases, the red-white combination is achieved by painting walls and ceilings, as well as the choice of decorative details, racks and shelves , or blankets. The good thing is you can even decorate the striped walls . 
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girl's bedroom decorating ideas

Kids bedroom ideas : tips to decorate a room for two kids

double kid's bedroom ideas and tips for dividing the space into small rooms

From baby to teenager, to coexist two kids in a small space is often complex and delicate. This requires a specific layout so that everyone can enjoy a little piece of its own and where it can flourish. Discover right now the kids bedroom ideas at Decor Zone to arrange and optimize double bedrooms intelligently.

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kids bedroom ideas for dividing the space by color

30 false ceiling designs for bedroom, kitchen and dining room

Today's article focuses on the false ceiling designs, we provide you with ideas and designs of ceiling designs were made of wood, PVC and plasterboard that were designs for bedrooms, Kitchens and dining rooms.

round false ceiling designs with hidden lighting for dining room

25 original false ceiling designs with integrated lighting systems

original designs and solutions for false ceilings with integrated lighting systems for inspiration from AVKUBE company 

false ceiling designs for all rooms with integrated lighting systems

More recently, in an interview with an expert we talked about the plasterboard false ceiling designs. The most popular of them - radial shape and along the perimeter walls. But the design idea is an unpredictable thing, because there are many ideas that you do not even expect.

gypsum false ceiling designs for living room with hidden lighting systems
In this gallery we have compiled a selection of non-standard false ceiling designs and solutions from design company AVKUBE. Their work often attract the attention of magazines of the interior, and from time to time, we include a draft of this company in our digests and virtual tours.

Meet the 25 non-standard solutions for the ceiling with built-in lighting systems . It is not only plasterboard solutions, but also a lot of other materials. In addition to drywall, used wood, frosted glass and stained glass. Some of the photos show the same element in the 2-3 angles, depending on in which part of the room was the photographer.

gypsum false ceiling designs for dining room with colorful lighting systems
We shared this gallery into several parts: false ceiling designs for hallway, dining room, living room, combined open space, as well as - for the bedroom and bathroom. At the end of the post there is a selection of design projects ceilings for different rooms, as well as - other galleries of the ceilings and lighting.

False ceiling design ideas and lights for living room, hallway and dining room

false ceiling designs of gypsum for dining room
a beautiful false ceiling design made of gypsum board in two parts, for visually separating the living room square and the dining table area, the two parts have built-in lighting systems that is considered a main element in the modern interior.

gypsum false ceiling design with built in lighting systems for dining room
false ceiling designs with integrated lighting systems
one false ceiling design covers combined living room and dining area with built-in lighting system 

creative ceiling lights for dining room
gypsum false ceiling designs with wooden paint decorations for large living room
false ceiling designs with built-in lighting systems
round false ceiling designs of gypsum for hallway with integrated lighting system
plasterboard false ceiling designs for dining table area
living room false ceiling designs made of gypsum and wood ceiling panels
kitchen ceiling designs made of gypsum and wood panels
hallway false ceiling designs with built-in lighting systems

30 trendy staircase designs for homes in modern style

modern staircase designs and ideas for modern homes

With the advent of trendy maisonettes staircase designs ceased to be a subject of relevance only to the private home. And if your interior is far from strict classical canons - the staircase designs in a modern style is the best choice. On this subject, we have an excellent selection of today - 30 photos of stairs models

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spirals staircase designs with wooden kits for small homes

Kitchen cabinet colors: 20 ideas and color combinations

20 kitchen cabinet colors and color combinations

Everyone chooses the color that he likes. But there are rules that allow you to find the best option for your family and your kitchen cabinet colors, we will provide you with some of them.

kitchen cabinet colors: Bright colors

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Young and brave choice. Kitchen with cabinets in saturated colors is suitable for dynamic people - those who are not afraid of experiments. They are not afraid of eye-catching colors - quite the contrary. Thus, the bright yellow color of the kitchen cabinet is charging them with energy, bright blue calms after the day, a bright red increases the tone and bright purple gives confidence.

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Bright kitchen cabinet colors are good for both dark and bright rooms. But its area must be large enough, otherwise the kitchen will seem cramped.

kitchen cabinet colors, orange kitchen designs

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